West Connex


There is a lot of talk in Sydney’s Inner West about the West Connex Project and how it may affect the property market in some areas. If you are a unit owner you may get hurt the most if you are situated right near a ventilation stack.

The West Connex has its advantages and disadvantages. A bit like the old adage “glass half full/empty”

I can’t see this infrastructure impact the residential market too much unless your unit block or house is in the immediate vicinity of ventilation stacks and or on/off ramps. You may find that in a less heated market that you might not achieve “top” dollar for your investment as there will likely be market competition in areas not affected.

I can’t see tenants wanting to pay top dollar in rent for a view of an on/off ramp or ventilation stack either.

It would be wise to do your research on the West Connex before you get caught up in the hype of FOMO in this market and buy an investment with a not so attractive exit strategy.

There is some information following this link: http://www.westconnex.com.au/documents/Haberfield_Feedback_Map_April14.pdf

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