Inexperienced Home Buyers

Sheree and Jason engaged Propertunity to buy them their dream home!

Our dream property had been taken off the market and it was then that we approached Propertunity to find another suitable property for us.  They did indeed search and show us quite a few places that came close to fitting our requirements, but it was through their contacts that they found out our dream place was going to potentially be relisted.  Alan, and especially Lyn, were relentless in their pursuit of this property for us.  And eventually, the vendor offered it to us, off market, for 20% less than his previous offer!

There is no way we would have even known about this property being available again, let alone had a shot at purchasing it, if it wasn’t for Lyn & Alan.  The fee was worth every cent now that we own our dream home!

Anytime you’re in the area, let me know and you can swing by and have a look.

Cheers, Sheree

Lingzhi knew all the theory about investing and was committed to the process.  After trying to buy property on her own, she realised she lacked the experience necessary to find a good investment property and how to deal with agents and bid successfully at auction.  She became disheartened when properties sold at auction for way above the ‘Price Guide’ selling agents had quoted.  On the recommendation of friends, Lingzhi engaged Propertunity to guide her through the process.  After securing a property for her, prior to auction, she sent us this text message:

“Thank you!!! Can not have done this without you!! Your knowledge of the market is crucial and your commitment is superb!!!”

Max and Doreen_CircleMax & Doreen, both in full time jobs, were looking for an investment property on the NSW Central Coast (as part of their retirement plans) in their limited spare time. They eventually found a place that suited their investment needs. They had been watching the property’s advertised price come down for a little while and were now prepared to pay the full asking price. Unfortunately, when they were ready to move they were led to believe by the Real Estate Agent that the property had been sold to someone else. That’s when they engaged the help of Propertunity Buyers’ Agent, Alan Fox.

Not only did Alan’s research reveal that a sale had fallen through on the property and it was indeed available BUT he also helped negotiate a $16,000 discount on the asking price we were fully prepared to pay. We could not be more satisfied.

Lincoln Chrysiliou_CircleLincoln & Karen from Sydney’s Northern Beaches were looking to buy their first investment property in Sydney. But Sydney is a big place and like a number of first time investors, they were unsure of just where to buy and how much to spend to get the best capital growth.  Of course the property also needed to have a low vacancy rate and a good pool of quality tenants to choose from.

At some point in every investor’s journey, they run into a road-block with their bank (it just happened earlier in Lincoln & Karen’s case).  Propertunity was able to help quickly overcome this obstacle by assisting them move their loan application to a more ‘investor-friendly’ bank which gave the approval.

We just wanted to say thanks for finding us our first investment property.  We had been looking for some time before deciding to use a buyer’s agent.  We found your services really helpful in many ways, in particular, narrowing down our budget and search location, and saving us countless week-ends driving around looking at property after property.

When it came down to it – you provided us the gentle nudge we needed to move on a property.  Your skills were also very handy when it came down to looking past the advertised price and putting in an offer that was more suited to the market.  Our purchase would have fallen through due to bank ‘issues’ without your knowledge of the market and valuations – and again the gentle nudge to look past the issue.

Having you on board made the process of buying a property about as stress-free as it could be – we could definitely recommend using your services to friends.

Lincoln & Karen

Cze & Franca were ready finance-wise for their next investment property and wanted to use Propertunity’s expertise to conduct the search but also they wanted to use the opportunity as a mentoring exercise.

As we are new investors with very little experience in purchasing investment property, we indicated to Propertunity that we intended to learn from the process of search and negotiation, at the time we signed up.  Jason kept us informed on all the details of his property search and evaluation with detailed reports sent on email.  We have learned so much through the process and are very confident that we will be able to find the next investment property by ourselves.

Thanks & Regards,
Cze & Franca

Steve & Melissa, from Sydney were wanting to buy a family home on the Central Coast for their young family. After spending months looking decided to engaged Propertunity.

We would like to thank Lyn and the team at Propertunity for all their help in finding us a family home.

After spending a few months looking at open houses to be told there was already offers on the places at the open house, we were getting very disheartened and frustrated. We heard about buyers agents and decided to look into them, finding Propertunity. Due to having a toddler and newborn we decided to take the plunge and hire Propertunity to look for us, if only we had done it sooner! Lyn took away all the stress of traveling to look at open houses and knew all about good areas to buy in. We have ended up buying a 4 bedroom house with a decent back yard for the kids to grow up with, in a nice neighborhood. Lyn put in an offer for $30,000 less than the asking price, which we would never of known to do & we got it! Moving from Sydney to the Central Coast has been a lot easier, and Lyn has given us peace of mind knowing we are in a safe and family friendly area.

Thanks for everything LynAlan & Cassie. We would recommend you to friends, family and anyone looking to buy a home.

First Home Buyers

Tully and Keyna were first home buyers looking to purchase in Sydney’s Inner West.

We interviewed a number of other Buyer’s Agents……..we decided to go with Alan. He was fantastic all the way through. Very knowledgeable, fantastic at estimating prices and discussing what could happen with each property we looked at. He also saved us from ourselves a few times when we wanted to offer more than would have been to our advantage. We ended up with a beautiful home meeting all of our (quite specific) needs, at a good price and faster than expected!

Sarah and Jeremy were also looking for a renovation project as their first home, in Sydney’s Inner West.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Alan and his team. As first home buyers, your knowledge, support, guidance and industry contacts made us feel so much more confident and competitive in the aggressive real estate market.

My husband had thought of the idea of utilising the services of a ‘buyers’ agent’ – I must say I was sceptical at first as this was a new concept for me. It didn’t take me long to be so grateful for Alan‘s services.

Alan you were able to take the emotional side of buying out of the picture and you kept us on track with our goals. You supported us through the stressful processes of auctions, dealing with agents, building and pest inspections as well as going through tedious strata reports with us!! Your comprehensive quantitative and qualitative data, which you compiled for us on properties, demographics, growth, comparable sales and anything else we wanted to know, was exceptional. It really blew us away, how much effort and time you would apply to your work – and how you were always available whether by email or phone.

And then at the auction, you got us over the line!! (We realise you did so much behind the scenes work for us as well).

Further to your skills and services, you are a kind and patient person who is able to be tactful, diplomatic, strategic and assertive.  So thank you Alan for all your hard work and for helping us buy our first home!

Sarah and Jeremy

Chris, a first home buyer from Newcastle, was looking around for a property that he could live in as his first home, but eventually wanted to turn it into an Investment Property. He qualified for the First Home Buyers Grant and Stamp Duty concessions offered by the NSW State government.  When we first met Chris, he was about to purchase a unit in a managed apartment complex with high letting and management fees.

As a first home buyer with limited time and knowledge, I needed assistance finding and purchasing a property. I am very glad I decided to seek Alan‘s assistance because he stopped me from making the mistake of buying an unsuitable property and found me one that was suitable and met my criteria. He then took care of negotiations with the real estate agent and ensured contracts were exchanged in a timely manner. Thanks again Alan!

Saravanan & Deepa from Tasmania were first home buyers looking to buy their family home in Sydney.

We are living in Tasmania and wanted to buy a property in Sydney. Initially we thought we could find a property simply browsing through the Internet and contacting relevant agents. But eventually we found out this process is very difficult, stressful and unproductive, especially looking for a property in another state. The current hot market didn’t help either. So we hired Alan who worked very fast and communicated in a very efficient manner.

Alan is an experienced professional with lots of knowledge in real estate. He has always provided an expert advice with very comprehensive factual answers in an easily understandable language, in particular about the current market situation. Within a very short time, we bought a house through him. He took care of negotiations with the real estate agent and ensured contracts were exchanged in a timely manner. He has organised the pest and building inspections for us and provided excellent suggestions to make a final decision. He supported us throughout the whole process.

We also appreciate his flexibility for communicating with him during after hours. We are still keeping in touch with him for his expert opinion. We would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to buy a property in Sydney.

Thanks Alan.  Kind Regards, Saravanan and Deepa

David, a first home buyer from Sydney, had been looking for a suitable property for him and his wife to buy for over 12 months.  Like many first home buyers, David’s main reasons for hiring Propertunity were that he found it difficult to get Real Estate Agents to take him seriously and he also admitted to not being good at handling price negotiations or knowing how much to offer.  We were successful at auction within 3 weeks of David coming on board as a client.

I must say the best part of having you is preventing myself from NOT making a deal happen…..and I end up empty hand as before.  Everything goes very smoothly so far.  This is largely due to your establish relationship with various working partners.  First home buyer like myself, will never achieve this kind of experience (on my own).  I won’t hesitate recommending you to other colleagues at the University.  Cheers, David.

Toby & Liesel, are first home buyer’s from Sydney, who were referred to us by our previous clients.

Alan, just wanted to say thanks again for the guidance, support and service you offered me.. I really enjoyed working with you..! Honestly couldn’t have done it without you- and we both look forward to working with you again!


Frustrated Home Buyers

Adrian & Joycelyn were just back into Australia from working overseas and engaged Propertunity to evaluate & negotiate on a property they had found themselves, but were unsure how to buy it for the best price and fend off other intending purchasers. Adrian and Joycelyn sent us these sms text messages:

Thanks for your good work. You provided excellent services. There was no way I could have done this while at my day job and with my level of knowledge.

Hi Alan. Fantastic, congrats all ’round. Definitely couldn’t have got it without you. Thanks.

Peter & Jan from Sydney had been looking by themselves for another investment property to add to their portfolio, for almost a whole year! Frustrated at their week-ends of fruitless searching and at being the under-bidder at an auction, they engaged the services of Propertunity Buyers’ Agents. An amazing 2 days later, one of our Buyers’ Agents, Lyn, found a property at Avoca Beach that was not yet ‘on-the-market’ to the general public. It fitted the bill so perfectly, Lyn believed this could be THE ONE. An inspection was quickly organised and Peter & Jan confirmed her suspicions. Some serious negotiations followed but later that day the deal was done. Jan sent us this e-mail:

Hi Alan & Lyn,

I would like to thank-you very much for finding us such a great property. Pete and I are thrilled. Thank-you too for the booklet of the property / area which came today. It is great to have that information. We would be happy to pass your names on to any friends looking for a property. Looking forward to a successful completion!

Thanks again, Jan

Chrissy was trying to buy in a hot Sydney market with a very tight budget and after spending a lot of frustrating weekends getting nowhere then decided to engage Propertunity.

Dear Michael,

In early 2014 I began a search in the Inner West for a property. I had a tight budget (first home buyer bracket), I was time poor and inexperienced in buying in such a frenzied Sydney market. I hated the fact that I felt I had no buying power and the vendor held all the cards. After months of looking, feeling totally deflated, being used as a pawn in Dutch auctions by selling agents, I decided to engage a buyers agent.

I had no idea who I would use so I got on the Internet and did a search. I read great reviews about Alan of Propertunity on whirlpool. I emailed him and literally got a call back within 15 minutes. From the onset the service was exceptional. Alan had the time to talk to me and meet with me. He brought Michael along, (his man on the ground) who would largely be my point of contact. I engaged their services and we were definitely on the same page about what I could purchase for my budget, since I’d spent over six months looking on my own. Consequently, Michael’s weekly reports resonated with me and I felt totally confident in his ability to find me a quality property. This meant that I would only need to visit the ones he considered worth the look. He was realistic about property values and never once did I feel he didn’t have my best interest in mind. All along Michael was aware that I had a buyer’s agent fee to pay on top of my purchase price, which essentially meant my budget was a little tighter. Even so, he was able to do what I wasn’t able to do, and that was to purchase a property that met my criteria.

My advice to anyone contemplating Propertunity is, don’t contemplate, just do it. Had I used Propertunity when I first started looking, I would have saved myself a lot of time, energy, money and heartache. In the end, paying a fee didn’t affect the balance of my budget, instead it gave me the opportunity to purchase a property under budget in a super hot suburb. I would rather pay these guys then pay an exorbitant price to a selling agent who doesn’t have my best interest in mind. Considering I’ve had such a positive buying experience with these guys, I think I might do it all again with my next purchase!


Vinod found himself competing with a lot of buyers and missing out on the properties that were of interest to him, until he hired Michael from Propertunity to help him secure a property.

After going through various real estate inspections, looking around on our own and getting frustrated on being told that there was already a offer on the property that we would get interested in, we finally decided to use Propertunity as our buyer’s agent. We gave our brief to Michael and he came back to us with the exact requirements fulfilled. We are very happy with the services provided and all the help received and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to use Michael from Propertunity to our friends at all. Thank you very much.

V & V Rao


Ashvin & Yashaswini had been looking on their own for 6months before they decided to engage Propertunity. They had never brought or sold property before so this whole process was new for them.

My husband and I used Propertunity for help with our first home purchase. We couldn’t have had a  better experience. We worked with Michael Pickham from Propertunity. Michael was extremely accessible, helpful and focussed on getting us the perfect house that was in line with our budget. We are very happy with our experience and our purchase and we would not hesitate to recommend them to any looking to purchase a house.


Ashvin & Yashaswini


Busy, Time-Poor Professionals

Johl works a hectic schedule in the airline industry and hired Propertunity on the advice of a work colleague who had used them for his own successful home purchase.

Since I work shift work, I found searching for property very difficult especially with the very hot Sydney market. I was relatively inexperienced in purchasing property and what the best way would be to go about ensuring I wasn’t paying too much for what I wanted. After talking to a friend about this he recommended I speak to Propertunity.

I found Michael and Alan to be fantastic. Michael very quickly picked up exactly what I was looking for and worked, what seemed to be, around the clock to narrow down excellent options for me. Michael secured an excellent property for me prior to action at a price that seemed very fair.

I would recommend Michael and the team at Propertunity to anyone.

Sincerely, Johl Brown

Beth & Kris from Sydney had been thinking about buying an investment property but realised having no time to do so was preventing them from achieving their property investing gaols.

We thought about purchasing an investment property for quite some time, however we never seemed to have the time to search for the right property.  After researching buyers agent, we decided to go with Alan from Propertunity, due to his invaluable knowledge of the Inner West of Sydney.

After a few unsuccessful auctions, Alan secured us a two bedroom property in the Inner West which was not even being advertised. We would never have found this property at such a good price, by looking ourselves.

We were extremely happy with the service that Alan provided and found his knowledge of the market invaluable. We valued Alan‘s detailed inspection summaries and property specific investment advice. If we were to buy another property, we would definitely engage  Alan to do the work for us.

Thanks again, Beth & Kris

Steve & Joy from Sydney had work and family committments that took up most of their time. They wanted to invest in a property in Western Sydney that was suitable for a future granny flat build.

We highly recommend Jason as a Buyer’s Agent.  He was very professional and was always prompt and responsive to any requests or queries that we had.  At no point did we feel any pressure to buy a property that we weren’t entirely happy with – he genuinely wanted us to be completely comfortable with the selected property, even if that meant more work for him. To give you an example of his dedication, Jason was still taking our calls during a vacation with his wife. — Steve & Joy

Daniel, a medic in the Navy, engaged Propertunity to source him an investment property that was less than 5 years old, but positively geared and in a good Capital Growth area that was in high demand by tenants.

I would like to thank  Alan & Lyn for their amazing service. I am quite a busy person and lack the time and experience required to find an investment property.

I was told about the service that  Alan & Lyn provided, by a colleague, and thought it sounded perfect. I cannot believe how easy they made buying a property. Within days they had a list of suitable properties for me to look at. They answered all my questions and helped me choose a property based on my needs and wants. They organised the building inspection, the pest inspection, and even negotiated repairs to be made by the owners. I was kept well informed throughout the whole process, and the greatest part of all is that they saved me over $20,000 off the asking price.

With the service they provided and the money I saved, I will definitely use their service again on my next purchase. Thank you so much for making this an easy process, there is no way I would bother doing this myself!  I would highly recommend their services to anyone buying a house, either for investment or for a home of their own.

Daniel, LS Med HMAS Penguin

When Marnie wanted to relocate from Sydney to the NSW Central Coast she hired Propertunity to do the search and price negotiations.

I was looking to buy a property on the Central Coast to take benefit of the lifestyle and ease of transport throughout the area. However, living and working in Sydney made it very difficult to get to Open Houses and to determine the best area to suit my needs. I contacted Alan through the Propertunity website. I was impressed by the rapid response and the understanding of what I wanted. Lyn found me several houses in a very short space of time, took over the negotiations with the real estate agent, and ‘held my hand’ through the unfamiliar (to me!) territory. She has gone well beyond what could be considered necessary and I am extremely appreciative of her help and support.

The whole process was over and done within a few short weeks. I am now considering further investment and I will absolutely use Lyn again without hesitation. I can’t recommend Propertunity’s services highly enough.

Regards, Marnie

Andy from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, wanted to buy an investment property in Newcastle in a high capital growth area.  Like many investors, Andy also wanted a high rental yield.  It is not very often that those two criteria are found together in the one property.  However, a property with a granny flat can usually produce the extra rental income required.  Granny flats may be approved in 10 days under the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP, as long as they meet the NSW Housing Code and the complying development provisions.  It is these provisions that make search for a suitable property particularly onerous, and one that Propertunity has come to specialise in.

I engaged Propertunity to help me find a house in a capital growth area of Newcastle with land suitable to build a granny flat on.  Alan had a very clear understanding of the brief and associated economics from the beginning and helped mould and refine that brief to focus the search on specific suburbs and properties which delivered the outcome I was after. Alan‘s search combined intuition, deep experience of the target areas, together with rigorous numerical analysis and data. The search took in many properties with  Alan personally viewing all those with short list potential and then providing recommendations.

When the right property was found, Propertunity oversaw the negotiation strategy and obtained what I believe was a very good outcome in the face of other competitive buyer interest. They did the pre-settlement inspection and even went so far as to help source a kitchen for the new granny flat build.

The service provided was very professional and provided promptly and with good humour and communication. I have used many (admittedly, selling) agents over the years and have never felt happy about handing over, what is often a substantial cheque when the transaction was completed. However, in this case, there is no question in my mind, that Propertunity earned the reasonable fees charged, and I would not hesitate to use them again.

Cheers, Andy

Tricia and her husband Stefan are a busy working couple with their own individual careers, and being time-poor, they used Propertunity to find them an investment property in Sydney.

My husband and I used  Alan recently to purchase an investment property in Sydney. I cannot recommend  Alan highly enough.  Using a buyer’s agent took out all the anxiety and stress of buying a property. Not only did we get very detailed information on the property, but he went to the Open Homes (something that we didn’t have time to do with 2 small children in tow!) and then successfully purchased our property at auction. The whole process took less than a month.  Without Alan, we would not have had the time and knowledge to make this decision. Once again, thank you.

After a frustrating search and also being gazumped on one property they found that they did like, Andrew and Lucy turned to Propertunity to find them their own home in which to live, while they both continued to work and make wedding arrangements for Lucy’s daughter, Renee.

Whilst navigating all the complications of purchasing a new home and vacating the old one, we very much appreciated the service provided by Propertunity, as we had come to the point where we found dealing with selling agents on the Sydney scene very time-consuming and ultimately unsatisfactory.

Alan‘s knowledge of and experience in the Real Estate business, combined with our readiness to buy, certainly contributed to a speedy and beneficial outcome. We were kept well-informed throughout the process, as we had requested. Already we have happily recommended Propertunity to others, and would certainly contact  Alan again in the future should we need the range of services his company offers!

Andrew Park & Lucy Jarasius

Mansel & Kate engaged our services to find them an investment property within close proximity to the Newcastle University.

Dear Alan, Kate & I would like to thank you for your great work in securing our new investment property. We would never have been able to find such a property on our own. We would recommend your services to anyone (and will do so) and hope to use you in the future. I am certain to refer my children to you when they are about to buy a house. For the service and results obtained, your fee is very reasonable. Thank you again and you are most welcome if you are ever in our area to call in.

Kind Regards, Mansel & Kate

Matthew & Anne as a busy executive couple with little or no time engaged Propertunity to find them a home to live in.

“My partner and I came across Propertunity due to the good reviews offered on various investment forums. Both Alan and  Michael took great time and care in guiding us through the process of buying our first property. We are delighted to say that we managed to secure our property within 2.5 months for a very reasonable price – a near identical unit in that same block sold for over 30k more than ours 2 weeks later. Michael’s negotiating skills are fantastic and his tenacity admirable. Very satisfied! Matt and Anne”

Thanks again guys, you made the process as stress free as possible.

All the best

Matt and Anne

Lawson & Mel sent us this e-mail after formally exchanging contracts on the second investment property that we have found for them.

Dear Alan,

Thank you for your help on the purchasing of our investment property in Auburn. Not only did you get us a significant discount off the listing price but you negotiated for the vendor to undertake structural repairs that were highlighted in the building inspection. You kept us fully up to date throughout the entire purchase and took care of everything right up to & including the final pre-settlement inspection. You took the stress and hassle out of the purchase, so much so that we didn’t have to worry about anything! Your knowledge of the market is first rate and we will definitely continue to use your services in the future and have already recommended you to friends and family.

Kind Regards,

Lawson & Mel



Out of Area Buyers or Investors

Rick lives in Sydney but still engaged Propertunity to purchase for him in the Western Sydney marketplace. Jason was assigned the search and made a successful purchase for Rick in just over 4 weeks.

Hi Jason,

Thank you for this. I just transferred the balance of funds in regard to services delivered. It was a great outcome and both David and Kym are excited about the new home.

Brilliant work mate! Rick

Angela & Willem live in Sydney and have a number of investment properties already under their belt.  They hired Propertunity to help add to their portfolio.

Dear Alan & Lyn,

Thanks so much for all your help with the recent purchase of our Central Coast property.  Alan, you supplied all the information and guidance we needed to narrow down the search and Lyn you tracked down the property and got the best price, even though there was already an offer in for the same amount!  Lyn, you are the best communicator and got back to me promptly, even on a Sunday!  We are very pleased with our purchase but it was your professionalism that made the whole process virtually stress free!

Vicki is a business owner-operator with the associated demands on her time, but she still recognises the need to invest.

I am an experienced investor with several investment properties. I was looking to increase my holdings and obtain a dual occupancy in my superfund. Due to my business demands, I lacked time to search for a dual occupancy, and the demand for these properties by investors is high. After meeting with one Buyer’s Agent who wanted all the money upfront, I moved on and found Propertunity to search on our superfund’s behalf. The search was never going to be quick and I was looking for properties which were legally approved.

Lyn was my buyers agent and she kept me up to date with the properties each week, while I was able to continue with my daily life, instead of pouring over the internet every day. None of the properties presented were suitable for various reasons, a lot pointed out by Lyn herself: too much maintenance, unrealistic vendors, too many trees etc. As I said, the search was never going to be easy.

After 8 weeks, Lyn found a property which was not presented well by the agent. I would have skipped over it myself. It required an inspection to show its full potential. We quickly secured the property at a price close to what the vendor’s had paid eight years before.

Whilst on the superfund search, Lyn advised of another opportunity she was working on, where the price was too high for the market. Lyn managed to convince the agent that she had a buyer (at the right money) and the vendor agreed (eventually). We had many issues with getting a valuer to the property and Lyn convinced the vendor to extend the cooling off period a couple of times which helped my blood pressure! The market has moved already since the price was negotiated and we have built in equity already.

I highly recommend using a Buyers Agent even for the experienced investor, and especially for niche properties. Lyn and Alan are very professional and available to their clients. Their advice is sound, and they let you make your own decisions on the properties presented.

Thanks Lyn!! — Vicki

Gabrielle from Newcastle was getting tired of the commute each day to the Central Coast.  She wanted to relocate to the Coast but had some very specific requirements for a property – something she could add value to, but that also had a N-S orientation and waterviews that she could enjoy in her retirement phase. After some months of hard work, Lyn from Propertunity sourced an ‘off-market’ listing that fitted Gabrielle’s criteria perfectly!

I can unreservedly recommend Alan & Lyn from Propertunity.  They have extensive knowledge of the real estate industry and know the Central Coast well.  They went to great lengths to find out what I wanted and always stayed within the brief.  Most importantly, they were always friendly and helpful.  If I were looking for a property again, I would call them immediately.

Regards, Gabrielle

Tony and Emma from Melbourne, hired Propertunity to advise them on their options for a number of investment property purchases and then to locate, evaluate and negotiate the best buys in their selected areas.

After sitting on the side-lines, saving and “pretending” we were property investors just waiting for that right property and the right time, we suddenly realized that years and years had passed and we still weren’t even in the game.  With a renewed sense of purpose and a re-structured finance package ready against our own home, it was time to get serious; then the analysis paralysis really set in!

It was March 2013 and we were in Melbourne, and whilst by no means are we property experts, we knew enough to know that for our budget and the kind of property we wanted, Melbourne wasn’t the right spot just then.  So, armed with the recent refinance deposit burning a hole in our pockets and the desire to get into the market at last, we decided to cast the net far and wide.  Why buy locally for the sake of it, just to enter the market when, with the aid of a Buyer’s Agent, we could choose anywhere in Australia, that would better fit our budget and circumstance and potentially snare a better investment opportunity?

The idea of buying sight-unseen seemed very foreign to us, almost to the point of being ridiculous when we first talked it out, but once we realised that the property itself is just an investment vehicle, and what really mattered were the numbers, then it made much more sense.

Being an avid follower of the Somersoft Forum (www.somersoft.com/forums), where better to start than there, for the search for a Buyer’s Agent?  After sending out a few feelers for different States and chatting with a couple of Buyer’s Agents, we narrowed down the State at least to NSW.  A few informative emails from Alan Fox of Propertunity and a lengthy chat on the phone regarding prospects for NSW and growth drivers for various areas, the decision was made.  NSW it would be, and the help of Propertunity to accomplish it.

Jason was promptly enlisted as our Buying Agent, the property criteria were all discussed and looked at objectively, to ensure we weren’t asking the impossible………..and Jason set forth on the hunt for our first IP (investment property).

Over the next few weeks various properties were sent through for us to review, some immediately discounted by Jason, but sent for reference, which was great as it gave us a feel for the area and what was out there.  Shortlisted properties would be visited by Jason and reported thereon as to suitability for our criteria, value, rent appraisal and what we should expect to pay.  Upon inspection, Jason would either report back to give it a miss for reasons such as damage to the building, too much renovation work required etc. or he would come back with a buy recommendation and we’d start the negotiating process. Throughout, Jason kept us informed and up-to-date on everything that was going on.

Ultimately, Jason found a newly listed property and arranged to inspect it the day it was listed, prior to any Open for Inspections.  He called with a strong buy recommendation, we went through the comparable sales evidence and property details, and Jason thrashed out a deal with the vendor’s selling agent that day.  Jason arranged building & pest inspections and put us in tough with a local solicitor, who was superb.

We were kept informed of progress right through to completion, prior to which Jason attended a pre-settlement inspection to ensure everything was as it should be.  Settlement went through on time, with no issues, and we are currently checking in our very first set of tenants!

The whole process was painless.  Communication was great and we are very pleased with the result.  We are confident that Jason’s work has enabled us to purchase a property with far greater potential as an investment, than we may have done alone.  This is where we saw the real value of using Propertunity.  Not once did we feel the need to go and inspect the property ourselves, nor did we at any time feel pressured into making an offer on something that we weren’t completely convinced on.

I would have no problem at all in recommending the services of Jason, Alan and the Propertunity team.  In fact we have just signed off on the paperwork for Jason to head out and hunt down property #2 for us!

Thanks Jason & Alan.

Best Regards, Tony & Emma

Robert from Brisbane wanted to buy an established house on land as an investment property.  But it had to be suitable to build a granny flat in the back yard for increased rental yield thereby making it cash flow neutral to positive.

I had been interested in investment property since I left High School. Once I joined the Army and got a deployment, I had the money to invest. However, due to the busy nature of the job, I had no time to look around and do the hard yards. That’s where Alan came in. I wanted to secure a property with future granny flat potential, and the fact that Alan had much experience in this field, made the whole experience run very smoothly. His knowledge of the restrictions and speed bumps that you can encounter when selecting a property with granny flat potential was quite extensive and allowed us to steer away from some problematic suburbs (Council areas).

Alan was always very fast and in-depth in his responses to my many curious questions and he showed a genuine care for my situation.

Having Propertunity as my Buyer’s Agent allowed me to focus on my job and not have to worry when I was away, about any problems that might occur. I would recommend anyone and everyone to use Alan and his team as their Buyer’s Agent.

Bruce wanted to buy an investment property in his Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) as part of his retirement plans. But living over 5 hours drive away and not being familiar with what would be a good area, or what areas to avoid, meant that by hiring a local Buyers’ Agent, he could leverage off Propertunity’s intimate knowledge of the market.

Hi Alan, I just wanted to thank you for all the assistance in the purchase of my investment unit. Your help made it a quite straight forward process and I am very happy with the purchase. Regards, Bruce

George & Mary were looking to diversify with an investment property in the Newcastle area but were unfamiliar with that particular market.

This is the first time we have had success using a buyer’s agent. Others are just not as good at what they do. Alan was fantastic. He quickly understood our parameters and kept us informed every step of the way. We felt very comfortable working with him and all of our concerns were addressed. When we signed the paperwork (to buy the property), the selling agent actually complimented us on our choice of buyer’s agent. They respected the way Alan had conducted the negotiations on our behalf. We ended up saving a fair bit of money as a result of using Propertunity and will definitely hope to have their help next time.

Frances from Orange engaged Propertunity to find her a period-style investment property in one of the trendy inner CBD suburbs of Newcastle.

I am very excited to be the owner of such a lovely house. Thank you for finding it for me. I am very happy with the purchase and your actions on my behalf. All the best. Frances

Greg and Karyn reside with their young family in country NSW. Greg travels extensively between home and his three offices spread over regional NSW. Being a busy professional, Greg understands the benefits in leveraging his time. Our brief was to find a suitable holiday home that could be used by family, friends and staff to de-stress.

Karyn & I would really like to thank you Alan and Lyn, for the work you both did in helping us select the Copacabana property. The reason we selected a Buyers’ Agent was primarily that we did not have the time to research, negotiate & travel. Also, we did not know the market & I don’t trust real estate agents. In the end we were extremely happy with the purchase…….we really believe this property is ideal for how we intend to use it. Greg

Clive & Julie found a property they wished to purchase and then engaged Propertunity to make sure they were not overpaying and to handle the negotiations.

We employed Alan‘s service to negotiate an investment property on the Central Coast. After my first meeting with him, I was convinced that he was the person for the job. Alan has extensive experience in the property market and carried out research on our behalf to ensure that we were aware of the true market value of the property. He gave us a lot of unbiased advice and helped us in every step of the buying process. His service was prompt and he often went out of his way to provide additional services to those detailed in our agreement. We would not hesitate to recommend his service to anyone who is looking for a property and would like the hassle taken out of negotiating directly with seller’s agents.

Cheers, Julie

Wendy Khoo_CircleWendy, a property investor, engaged the services of Propertunity to locate a property for her with good capital growth prospects, as well as an excellent rental return (and what investor doesn’t want that?). About 3 weeks into our full search, Lyn, one of our Buyer’s Agents, came across a property that fitted Wendy’s exact criteria and it was not even listed for sale (and it never was).

Dear Alan and Lyn,

Firstly I am grateful to have met and to have begun a wonderful journey to work with yourself and Lyn.  Thank you for helping me secure a ‘silent listing’.  Not only did Alan offer his Buyer Agent expertise in purchasing an investment property, but also generously shared his knowledge and personal experience as an investor.  I am very pleased with the purchase and certainly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a property.

Kind Regards,

Therese and Cameron from Sydney engaged Propertunity to find their first investment property on the NSW Central Coast.

My husband and I had been searching for an investment property in and around Sydney for 10 months, without any success.  We contacted Alan Fox because we knew he was a Buyer’s Agent specialising in Sydney and the Central Coast, the same areas we had been looking in.  We were immediately impressed by his efforts in getting to know us and our needs, and by the extensive research he does when securing properties for clients.  As this was to be our first investment property and we wanted to make a good choice, it was reassuring to know that we would be provided with a full evaluation of the property.  From that point on, we knew that our property purchase would be in good hands.

Indeed the whole process was exceptionally smooth. Alan identified a fantastic property which met our needs and he provided us with plenty of research on the house, the area, and the pros & cons.  He attended the inspection with us and his input was extremely helpful.  Additionally, Alan was able to negotiate a price that was well below what we expected to pay.  Not only did Alan keep us updated at every stage of the process, he always answered our numerous questions promptly, and assisted us with various tasks such as exchanging contracts and recommending property managers.  Without Alan‘s help and expertise, my husband and I would still be searching for an investment property today!


Elizabeth and Weijung engaged Propertunity to locate a property within the Newcastle University catchment area, that they could rent-by-the-room for student accommodation.

How can I summarise my experience with Alan, except to say that Alan made property buying quite effortless and stress free.  Throughout the whole time, from sending my initial property requirements, right up to the final settlement, Alan took care of the entire process.  He knew the market well and was able to inform us well.  We managed to secure the property in one week-end only, which surpassed our own expectations.  Thank you to Propertunity.

Elizabeth and Weijung

Propertunity had already found and secured Sasha and Yael an investment unit in Sydney’s Inner West which was slightly negatively geared.  To balance their portfolio, they decided to add a cash flow positive property to the mix.

We asked Alan from Propertunity to find us a dual income property on the NSW Central Coast. Alan identified several potential options, and while inspecting one of them, he overheard the selling agent mentioning another property.  This house was not advertised as a dual income property, however with minor changes (and investment) it could be turned very easily into a cash flow positive, dual income rental property.

Alan and Lyn found the property that suited our needs, emailed us analysis of the suburb and comparable sales, helped us secure the property, negotiated a discount on asking price, and even did a through pre-settlement inspection during which a problem was found.  The vendor was made to resolve the problem before the settlement.

We are very happy with the property found, and also with the process itself.  Alan and Lyn are extremely knowledgeable and are very easily approachable, friendly people.  All our emails with questions were answered shortly after we sent them, even on week-ends and after hours.  We’re very happy with the service and the staff from Propertunity.

Sasha and Yael

Lesley & Peter were looking for a positively geared investment property to offset some of the costs of holding their existing portfolio of mainly negatively geared properties.

Thank you for the time, effort and exceptional service you provided in finding our investment property.  Your advice, patience and outstanding knowledge regarding all aspects of property investing was invaluable.  We appreciate all you have done for us and would certainly recommend Propertunity to anyone interested in buying property.

Thanks again,  Lesley & Peter

Neil wanted to buy a newer investment property in The Hunter region, in order to take advantage of the depreciation allowances available as well as having minimal maintenance issues to deal with.

Alan has played a key role in helping me start my investment property portfolio.  His pragmatic and guiding approach, instilled both the confidence and the self-belief I needed to actually get started.  Along the journey, Alan has always made himself available for advice and opinion, and has always been open and honest when giving that advice.  I would not hesitate to use his services again, and would recommend him to anyone looking for help in buying property in the areas in which he specializes.

Regards,  Neil

Matt & Blair from Melbourne were second time returning investing clients

Dear Michael,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your tireless work over the past 4 months to help us secure our 2nd piece of Sydney Real Estate today.

At times it has been hectic but at the same time exhilarating and you have been an absolute pleasure to deal with for our 2 purchases thus far.  You are always available for a chat and answered my many questions.  It has been great to learn how you have gone about securing us the best deal for our portfolio and I appreciate the insight into your great profession.

Regards,  Matt & Blair

Brooke & Margot engaged Propertunity to help them avoid the pitfalls many first time investors make.

Dear Jason,

As first time property investors we were looking for a buyers agent that would guide us through the process to a successful outcome. Jason was happy to share with us his experience in the area, expertise in the process, and recommend suppliers if required. He was generous in answering our questions patiently and ensuring that we were at all times comfortable with our strategy and his execution. We would happily work with Jason again and recommend the value that a buyers agent can deliver.

Cheers, Brooke & Margot

Linton is employed in the mining industry in WA. He hired Propertunity Buyers Agent, Lyn, to find him a home that he could fly back to on his days off, on the beautiful NSW Central Coast. It needed to be a peaceful & quiet retreat. After Lyn successfully secured a property in Bateau Bay, after many months of searching, Linton sent Lyn this email:

Dear Lyn,

Many thanks for all your help to date. I am eternally grateful for both your and Alan’s assistance with the purchase and also your patience in the process. I couldn’t have done this without your assistance and in particular achieving the price we were able to obtain for the property. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services and please feel free to pass on my details if people are asking for a reference for your services.


Ee-lin & Chris are out-of-state investors from Victoria, they used  Lyn from Propertunity to source them an investment property on the NSW Central Coast.

Dear Lyn,

Just a short note to thank you for your help in purchasing our property in the Central Coast for us. Being interstate it was impractical for us to travel down for inspections every weekend; plus we had a set purchase criteria which made the search much more challenging.

Having you do the groundwork for us was great, as was the regular update advising us how the search was progressing. In the end it was your relationship with the local agents that clinched the sale for us as we purchased a property that never ended up being advertised. Having you being first in line to inspect and make an offer before the property went on the market helped us get the edge in what was a hot market at the time.

Thanks for all your help and we’ll be sure to ring you again the next time we are in the market for another property.

Regards, Ee-lin and Chris

Nivari & Rasika purchased a number of properties (2 of which were “off-market”) in NSW using Alan from Propertunity as their Buyers Agent. Then Jason took over the baton and helped them with their Queensland acquisitions in Brisbane.

We started our journey with Alan not so long ago.  In that time we’ve developed a great relationship with him that lead us from one property adventure to another.  Our latest find was thanks to Jason. In keeping with the standards set by Alan, Jason was also an absolute pleasure to work with.  It was never just about the end goal.  We appreciated the journey and the ability to work in partnership with both these gentlemen.  They listened to our requirements, were open to set us in the right course when it was required and at other times gave us space to think and reflect.  All these aspects were important for why we felt at ease to entrust our goals with them.  There’s nothing contrived, fanciful or the lure of glossy marketing – just impeccable attention to detail, expert knowledge and brilliant customer service.  Thank you for an immensely enjoyable journey and for everything we learnt in the process!

Kay & Bruce recently sold their unit in Sydney and needed to find a unit at the Entrance within 6 weeks. They contacted Propertunity and Lyn was able to find them a suitable home within the time frame needed.

My partner, Bruce, and I decided to sell our one bedroom unit in Ashfield in Sydney and look for a 2 bedroom unit at The Entrance on the Central Coast. Being total novices as far as selling and buying property is concerned, I began researching the best way to go about purchasing a property and the term “Buyers Agent” cropped up. Not knowing anything about buyers agents I did some research on the services they provide and it was then that I came upon the Propertunity Pty Ltd website. The services advertised by them, and the fact that they were based in Tuggerah, was very attractive to us. So, I contacted Alan, and after speaking with him I was convinced that we should engage their services, so we did. What a great decision that turned out to be!

In a very short space of time, one of the units Lyn looked at for us was one that we were very interested in, and she negotiated a price which was acceptable to us and accepted by the vendor. Sadly, while all this was happening I was away on the North Coast with my father who became gravely ill and passed away the day contracts were exchanged. Lyn and Alan were fabulous, not only during this sad time, but through the whole process. The logistics of signing the contract while I was on the North Coast and Bruce was in Sydney seemed impossible, but Lyn and Alan found a way and they went out of their way to ensure that it happened. For that, we will be forever grateful.

Lyn arranged for Bruce to inspect the unit during the cooling off period, however I was unable to do so as I was attending my father’s funeral that day. Relying on the feedback from Bruce and also Lyn, I was even more convinced that we had made the right decision.

As we had simultaneous settlement dates with our sale and purchase, Bruce and I were too busy with removalists and finalising our sale to attend the final inspection of The Entrance property. No need to worry there – Lyn conducted that on our behalf, and it was all good.

So, the first time I saw our unit at The Entrance was when I walked through the front door when we moved in recently, and I wasn’t disappointed. The unit is just what we had been looking for and in such a great location. Bruce and I can’t thank Lyn and Alan enough for all that they did for us, they went out of their way, and I would recommend Propertunity Pty Ltd to anyone.

Kind regards,


Interstate Buyers or Investors

Vicki, was selling her home in Brisbane and her work was relocating her to the NSW Central Coast.  They engaged Lyn from Propertunity to handle the search for Vicki’s new home.  Vicki sent a lovely card and flowers to Lyn saying:

Dear Lyn,

Thank you so much for all the effort you put into finding me a house. I couldn’t have done it without you. I hope we stay in contact. With much appreciation, Vicki.

Ben from Brisbane wanted to expand his investing out of his home state of Queensland.

I contacted Alan Fox of Propertunity when I decided to expand my investing into the Sydney residential market. I knew little about the geography and demographics of Sydney and knew I needed some professional guidance. After a lengthy chat with Alan on the telephone, I was confident that he understood my needs and was capable of finding a property that fit my criteria. More importantly, I felt that we were ‘on the same page’, so to speak, with similar investment ideas and beliefs. It was important for me to use a Buyers’ Agent who I knew was listening to me and understanding what I wanted and why.

I expected it to take a couple of months, but over the next 2 weeks I was almost in daily contact with Alan as he found properties that met my needs. He emailed me photos and descriptions of each property, along with his professional opinion of their respective advantages and disadvantages. Alan was always available well beyond normal business hours to discuss the merits of each property on the telephone. I knocked back the first few for various reasons and at no time felt any pressure to buy something I wasn’t 100% comfortable with.

I don’t think it took any more than 2 weeks before the ‘right one’ came up. The auction was only a few days away and Alan was able to ensure that I had Pest & Building inspections completed in good time. Alan bid at auction on my behalf and ‘we’ bought a property that met all my needs.

In the weeks leading up to settlement, Alan was available to assist with minor, but important tasks, such as sending documents to my solicitor and mortgage broker and was always available to answer any questions I had about the process of exchanging contracts in NSW.

On the whole it was a very easy and successful way for me to purchase property interstate.

I must add that initially I thought the cost of using a Buyers’ Agent would be prohibitive. However, when I considered the fact that it would most likely take a few trips to Sydney to educate myself before finding a property to purchase, the cost of flights, accommodation and a rental car it quickly added up. Also consideration must be given to the fact that of course I wanted to secure a ‘good buy’ and the reality is, that in a buoyant market, you must be ready to act when the ‘right one’ is found, and the only way to do that is to be there, on the spot.

I am already looking to buy another property in Sydney and will most likely contact Alan to do the ‘legwork’ for me. The convenience, advice and experience Alan offers is worth every cent.

Natasha & Ross wanted to buy an investment property in Sydney, while they lived and worked in Perth, WA.

Dear Alan,

On behalf of Ross and myself, I would like to express our gratitude for the professional service you provided in finding and purchasing our new investment property.

Living interstate we intended to buy a property sight-unseen, so we needed to find someone we could trust 100%….You impressed us from the start. Your obvious talent and knowledge of the real estate market made us confident that we were in great hands.

You were in control at all times! Using your experience in the local market and exceptional negotiation skills, you secured the property well below the price we expected to pay for it, and furthermore, persuaded the owner to do miscellaneous repairs to the house. It was just extreme!

Buying the property with you was a stress-free and enjoyable experience. We would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a property. Alan Fox – champion!

Thank you and kind regards,  Natasha & Ross (Perth, WA)

P.S. You are the best Buyer’s Advocate we have ever met. When we are ready to buy another investment property it will be in Sydney. Thank-you for your honest advice. It was very nice to have someone ‘on our side’.

Andres and his wife were looking to purchase their first investment property outside of their home state of Victoria, and chose Sydney as the place, and Propertunity as their Buyer’s Agent, to handle the whole process for them.

My wife and I decided to buy an investment property in Sydney and given our circumstance of having busy work lives in Melbourne as well as a 6 month old to look after, had also decided to engage a Buyer’s Agent on our behalf.

We had the typical insecurities you’d expect from this decision: Would the Buyer’s Agent have the knowledge of the area and experience?  Would it be worth the expense?  How could we find a Buyer’s Agent we could trust?   That’s when I contacted Alan Fox from Propertunity and through our conversation I felt assured that I could entrust him with the execution of our search and purchase.

Professionalism, attention to detail, and a very client-focussed service are Propertunity’s stand-out characteristics, in my view.  We purchased a property that met our strict criteria, and Propertunity was the only way we could have achieved this with confidence.

Thanks Alan, Lyn & staff,

Ben from Perth WA was keen to invest out of his home state to find better value, and chose Propertunity as his Buyers’ Agent.

I never expected buying inter-state could be so easy.

The yields were low in WA after the boom and I knew the best option would be to look over East.  I purchased maps, spent hours researching different suburbs in different states, and contemplated the time and costs involved in visiting these places to make a purchase.  Despite all this work, I firstly in terms of due diligence, hadn’t even touched the sides, and secondly being time poor, had no idea of when I would be able to put it all together.  It was looking difficult and the idea of using a buyers’ agent, was something I was starting to consider.

After some internal debate, I contacted Alan after receiving some recommendations.  I liked his “no-hype” approach and his level of knowledge came through.  Over the following month we discussed a bunch of properties he had come across – some of which had not been listed.  Eventually we had two properties on the table, both of which represented good value, and an offer below asking price went in on one of them and was accepted.

From start to finish Alan & Lyn were there the whole way.  Even after settlement I still call Alan every now and then to get his opinion on something.  It’s money well spent for me – I figure that as it took Alan a month to find a property which represented good value, it would’ve taken me six months to find something of lesser value.”  Ben from WA

Rae from Melbourne hired Propertunity to find an investment property in Sydney and then jumped on a plane for a round-the-world business trip.

After several months of trying to buy an investment property in Melbourne, as it enjoyed a huge price spurt, in early 2010 I decided to switch focus to Sydney instead.  Even though I’m in Sydney a lot, I still felt that a Buyer’s Agent would be worth every penny, Vs trying to learn the market myself.  I was looking at the Inner West and Alan directed me to a suburb I’d never even heard of (so much for me thinking I know Sydney).

Within 10 days of signing up with Alan, he secured for me a property that he’d been told by the agent was no longer available.  In my opinion the selling agent did everything he could to stop Alan securing it, but Alan didn’t take ‘No’ for an answer.  He went above and beyond the call of duty to buy what we were told was impossible to buy.  Thank goodness I hired him, for this all went down whilst I was on the other side of the world in Toronto!

Tom Batchelor_CircleTom from Perth in WA wanted to get into property investing but his home town had already been through a recent boom and was languishing.  So Tom turned his attentions to the Eastern States which were in a different part of the property cycle.  On the recommendation of a friend, he engaged Propertunity to help with the evaluations and negotiations.

I have been very happy with Alan‘s help in buying my first investment property.  Alan was very prompt and always kept me in the loop.

Buying a house from the other side of Australia, in a place I have never seen, was easy due to Alan‘s knowledge and trustworthy attitude.  It’s great to hear the truth and not what you want to hear.  I’m sure Alan‘s expertise will help me in the long run and I would definitely recommend him to friends.

Thanks for your help Alan.  I still owe you a beer or two.
Tom Batchelor

Ramez & Shirley engaged Propertunity to find investment property with great capital growth prospects.

This was our first time using a Property Buyer as we were initially looking for an investment property in the Newcastle area, an area we knew little about. Alan has surpassed our expectations in the level of service he provides. We have since successfully purchased three rental properties with Alan‘s assistance and are looking for a 4th.

He provides great information about the areas and the properties he identifies. He keeps you informed at every step of the process and his help goes beyond the exchange of contracts. As we do not live locally, Alan has been a great asset in getting things organised to have the properties ready for tenants. We are only too happy to recommend his services.

Ramez & Shirley

Mike and Carla had investment properties in Queensland and decided to diversify their portfolio interstate but without impacting on their cash-flow or lifestyle.

Hi Alan and Lyn,

We both want to thank you so much for the efficient and professional way in which you handled our interest in purchasing a dual income property.  After buying sight unseen, (Mike signing the contract 10 minutes before heading overseas for 4 weeks) we were more than happy with the property that you recommended to us.  We have just finished our facelift on the property and have secured tenants for the house already.  Thank you for being easy to contact and for being genuinely helpful with your advice along the way to settlement.

We wish you every success in your business,  Mike and Carla

Barry and Onelia from the ACT engaged Lyn from Propertunity to handle their search for an investment property for now and future home down the track.

As buyers from interstate, Alan and Lyn made the process of finding and purchasing a suitable property on the Central Coast far more productive. I dare say that if we were doing this ourselves, we would probably be still looking. It was great being able to rely on them for advice as well as answering our questions. We are very happy with the service they provided and highly recommend them to other out of area buyers or people too busy to get to inspections.



Alan from Sydney engaged Propertunity to find him an investment property on the Central Coast.

Thank you so much Lyn. Will definitely recommend Propertunity if anyone asks about central coast! As well as keep in touch.

Feng & Denis  from Victoria engaged Alan from Propertunity to find them an investment property with good rental yield and in a high growth suburb.

Hi Alan,

Thanks for doing the pre-settlement inspection.

We also want to thank you for the whole buying process of this property. Everything went well.

We really appreciated your guidance and expertise throughout the process.

It was a pleasure to work with you. We enjoyed the experience and are happy with the outcome.

Kind Regards,

Feng and Denis



Overseas (International) Buyers or Investors and Expats

Branimir & Danijela used Propertunity Buyers’ Agents to find them a property in Sydney, while they lived and worked overseas.

We live and work in Papua New Guinea. When we decided on purchasing a property in Sydney, we did not know how to go about it due to distance and our inability to be physically involved in the process of finding the right property and securing it once we had discovered it. This is when we got in touch with Mr. Alan Fox and from then on the whole exercise of finding and securing a property in Sydney was effortless. Mr. Fox has a way of treating his clients as friends, and yet he does so with a high degree of professionalism. We were able to find exactly what we were looking for within the price-range our budget would allow.

The communication between Propertunity and us was extraordinary and we have identified the right property, secured it, settled financially, and rented it out, all without ever seeing the property ourselves. It is now rented and generating income for us…….We would like to thank Mr. Fox and his team for the work they have done for us, and we have already recommended their services to others. We are happy to do so in writing and recommend Propertunity to all searching for the right property in Sydney.

Sean (originally from Sydney) working in Singapore was looking for a property with a twist.  He did not want just a standard residential property, in a good growth area, with a solid rental yield, but also one that had development potential, where the backyard could later be sub-divided off.

I had been looking for a property by myself for over 6 months.  With work relocating me overseas, I was faced with a tough decision, wait ’till I return from abroad and continue the long search, or look for help.  I feel very fortunate to have met Alan, who not only sourced me a property, but guided me through the entire process with just the right amount of correspondence to settle my nerves for doing something so big remotely.  Alan has gone beyond the terms of our agreement with one goal, to ensure I have been happy with the purchase.  — Sean

Catherine & Mike, Aussie expats working and living in the UK with the intention of returning to Australia in a few years, hired Propertunity to source them a property on the NSW Central Coast.

We are extremely happy with the service that Propertunity provided.  As overseas buyers, and new to purchasing property in Australia, we needed all the help we could get – Propertunity were there advising and guiding us every step of the way.  Couldn’t have done it without you!  Thank you

Thanks again


PS  – It was a scary experienced putting so much trust and money in people I hadn’t met – if any potential clients are feeling the same they can email me personally, I’d be happy to give them feedback on our experience.

David, an expat currently living and working in Hong Kong, hired Propertunity to source him an investment property in the Western Sydney growth corridor.  However, he wanted a property that had development potential.

Jason made buying a property easy. In a rising market, it would have been impossible to make this purchase even if I had the time to invest in Open Homes and constant research. The contacts that Jason has established are a big advantage in finding well-priced deals. He knows the market very well and he communicated his progress throughout the search regularly and clearly. I would be happy to engage Propertunity’s Jason again and I will recommend him to anyone. As an expat, I made this purchase without seeing it for myself and I am pleased to have found exactly what I am looking for. Thanks for your help Jason! Cheers, Dave