Avoid the pressure and ‘sales techniques’ employed by Real Estate Selling Agents

Many Buyers do not realise that a Real Estate Agent is legally bound to represent the Seller (vendor) in a real property transaction. Their role is to obtain the highest possible price in the quickest possible time for the Seller. How then can a Selling Agent, provide you the Buyer, with  independent advice?  Surely this would represent a clear conflict of interest.

Make money / lock in equity

You’ve heard the old adage, “You make money when you buy”. As Buyer’s Agents, we negotiate the lowest possible price on the best possible terms for you, the Buyer.  This can often mean that you get to “lock in equity” early in the life of a real property asset before the compounding effect of capital growth does its work.

Market Appraisals/ Capital Growth/ Local Knowledge

As Buyer’s Agents, we have access to the same industry data accessed by real estate agents. We know statistically what areas have shown superior capital growth in the past. Because we live locally, and are active in the marketplace on a daily basis, we also know what is happening in the area that might improve one suburb’s capital growth over another.

Get access to properties before the general public does

A significant number of properties we purchase never hit the public market. These are generally known within the industry as “Silent Sales”. Propertunity has spent years building personal relationships with Real Estate Agents, so that when properties come up for sale we have immediate access to these properties before the general public does. Think of it this way: Why would a Real Estate Agent spend time, effort & money advertising a property, putting up signs and window displays and holding “Open For Inspections”, when they could make one or two simple phone calls to their “contacts” (Buyers’ Agents and investors) to gain a quick sale on a good property?

Save Time

Time is our and your most precious asset. Searching for the right property can take a considerable amount of time and effort. This is even harder if you live out of the area. Many of our clients are busy, time-poor professionals who understand the need to leverage their time. At Propertunity, we do all the investigative work and only present a shortlist of suitable properties for you to inspect or decide on based on our reports.

Reduce Stress

Buying property can be a very emotional and stressful experience for some people. This is because it represents the purchase of the most expensive item you may ever buy.  On top of that you may only do it one or two, or at most a few times in your entire life-time. We get to do it all the time on a regular basis.  We can remain emotionally detached and apply predetermined criteria to see if it stacks up.  Once we have located your ideal property and negotiated the lowest price, we can guide you through the process, co-ordinating the support services you need including solicitors, mortgage brokers, pest & building inspectors and insurance brokers. If it is to be an investment property, we can also direct you to tax accountants, quantity surveyors and property managers.

Relax and be confident, you can engage the professional services of Propertunity.