Pools & Air Conditioners in Property


Summer is in full swing and the go to items in a property purchase for this time of the year is air con & or a pool. What most home buyers tend to forget when completing further due diligence is the age of these items. If the home you are buying is 20 years old and the air conditioner and pool were installed around the build date, you essentially are buying inclusions that are past or approaching their use by date. I’ve heard of home buyer stories where they have paid top dollar in the summer for the luxury of having the family in the pool for the hotter days…. Certainly a sweetener when it comes to a transaction but at what cost? These same people that paid top dollar for their property learned quickly that their 20 year old pool had cracks, leaks, drummy tiles and concrete cancer with a rectification outlay of $20k. Likewise with ducted air conditioning systems that are 20+ years old. A full replacement cost of a new ducted a/c system isn’t cheap either. Most Pest & Building Inspections don’t cover pools and or air conditioning so it is wise to tee up a pool inspection and an air conditioner inspection whilst the builder/Pest inspector is at the property. This extra due diligence can potentially save you thousands but also help in the negotiation of the purchase price. A REBAA accredited Buyers Agent can assist with extra due diligence when purchasing property

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