Renovation Tips for units or smaller properties


The most asked question when it comes to renovation is what should I do to gain for bang for my buck?
The answer is simple really.
It all comes down to individual taste but some of the better renovations I have seen in units and smaller homes are:
• Kitchen renovations – plenty of cupboards and light filled. Try to incorporate as much space as you are given with cupboards/bench space and light.
• Bathroom renovations – the best results are typically seen when the shower is separate to the bath. I personally like tiled to ceiling but keeping in budget is best practice.
• Floor Coverings – Tiled or quality timber floors are quite affordable these days and are easy to maintain. They certainly lift the appearance and size of the room.
• Storage – everybody loves storage so if you are tight for space, try lofts/ceilings or under stairs. Even linen cupboards or back of garages can offer some great storage facilities.

A minimum rule of thumb would be to aim for $2 return for every $1 spent. Best practice would be to stick to a budget so you don’t get caught up going way overs.
Another idea is to go with quality. I see really poor cheap kitchens that are installed terribly and they certainly won’t appeal to buyers or tenants.
As a Buyers Agent, I’m no builder, but as I look at properties each and every day, I can see the good from the bad and spot the reasons why some renovated homes are achieving better results than others.

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