I inspect many properties every day. I see the best of the best and sometimes the worst of the worst. I always find that the better the presentation of the home, the better result or price it fetches on sale day.

I am a big believer that a home has a heart. If you are selling your home, it would be a wise idea to put yourself in touch with selling agents that believe the same philosophy.

Nothing screams “Bargain” than the empty house/unit that is vacant, dusty and sterile.

We as Buyers Agents love to prey on the home that is costing the owner to just sit there.

From what I hear, staging or styling a home for sale with a fresh paint job, hired, modern furniture and the feeling of warmth can cost $4-$6k to carry out but well worth the investment in my opinion.

The old saying “Spend money to make money”!

The home with the heart sells for more than the home without.

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