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Inner West Update


An interesting series of events noticed from the front line over the past few weeks. I am noticing (and so are the selling agents), reasonable numbers attending the auctions and some either registering or not registering to “wait & see” what happens. It is also apparent in a few cases that the expectation was 5x […]

Inner West State Of Play


I’m seeing a bit of a change in the Inner West market. Interestingly, stock numbers are still low but the clearance rates and sensibility seems to be correcting. It’s good to see that main roads, flight paths and various other less desirable attributes are coming back into play now when making a buying decision. It […]

Don’t Rush

Dont rush property

We come across many frustrated buyers who have been searching for the perfect home for long periods of time. (sometimes 12 months or more). We also hear stories of how the frustration has got the better of the home buyer and they have settled for something that wasn’t even close to what they were searching […]

West Connex


There is a lot of talk in Sydney’s Inner West about the West Connex Project and how it may affect the property market in some areas. If you are a unit owner you may get hurt the most if you are situated right near a ventilation stack. The West Connex has its advantages and disadvantages. […]