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Where to buy next?


I have come to the view, from handling a significant part of the enquiry we get as Buyer’s Agents, that people do not know “where” to buy next. Putting Sydney & Melbourne aside for the moment, what are the Capital City options? Brisbane – jobs? If you were an international business wanting to set up […]

Why invest in property?


Why invest in property in today’s market? Has the market slowed or even stalled since the Global Financial Crisis in 2008? Have I missed the property boat? Well, no. There are still plenty of opportunities out there. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, during the last 10 years Australian residential property values grew on […]

Rent Vesting

Our long held and much loved Australian Dream – to start a family, buy a house and settle down in the suburbs – may be a thing of the past. These days our Gen Y buyers want to live in a nice house or apartment close to amenities and lifestyle hotspots. These tend to be […]