The Shire

Buyers Agents Helping You Land that Dream Home in The Shire

Propertunity are a team of buyers agents invested in helping those struggling to get into the property market. From first home buyers to busy professionals looking for guidance, a home buyers agent will lead you through the process so you don’t fall behind.

As a popular, affluent area, the Sutherland Shire can be a tough market to get into. The area has a reputation of beautiful properties great for people who want to move out of the city, or people looking for a beautiful holiday house.

Rich with history, the Shire can be an optimal place to buy. But how do you start? At Propertunity, we are specialised in investigating the best methods for buying property. Our team can cater for people from all backgrounds, and guide you through the process. We have astute knowledge of the Shire’s demographic and market, helping you get the best property at the best price.

Buyers advocates for first home buyers

It’s hard to join a market that seems so saturated with experienced investors. We give first time buyers the information they need to make an intelligent decision in buying property. Don’t worry about any confusing jargon, our agents are open and clear, giving you the best information without all the messy jargon.

For time poor buyers, our buyers agent will help with the details

Frustrated and just don’t have the time for the lengthy steps involved in buying property? If you choose us, we will attend inspections and simplify any clunky paperwork, freeing up your time so you can keep doing what you love.

For astute investors, our property buyers are here to help

Even if you’re an experienced investor, you can still benefit from our assistance. As investors ourselves, we spend time and effort researching all those extra things. It’s a great option for overseas or interstate investors, we can do the work required to get you that property.

Speak with our team today, and be well on your way to owning a quality property.